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Set SMTP settings for other samples

Sets SMTP server settings to be used by all other SMTP samples.

License key settings (not required if the license key is already in web.config or registry):

License key

The license key, if specified, must be in this format: MN120-0123456789ABCDEF-0123 (MN12 stands for MailBee.NET v12).

License status check: [SMTP OK]

OK means the component is licensed and the key, if specified, is correct.
USABLE means the specified key is incorrect but the component is already unlocked (e.g. there is another key elsewhere, such as in web.config).
N/A is "not available" (no key or wrong key specified, product isn't covered by your license, trial expired, etc).

SMTP relay server host and port:

SMTP host

SMTP port    If blank, uses port 25. For Gmail, also issues STARTTLS to go secure.

To enable SMTP via SSL, specify port 465.

Make sure your firewall or ISP does not block this port, or try alternate port like 465 or 587 if it's supported by your SMTP server.

SMTP authentication (usually, required in order to send to external domains):

Username    Can be jdoe,,\jdoe,\jdoe\alias


On success, saves the current settings in Session so that other samples could make use of them. Also displays the connection log.